Whitecross street market is a weekday food market found on Whitecross Street, spanning most of the area between the Barbican and Old Street. The wide variety of high quality food on offer draws city workers back day after day.

This website was created by a food fan and frequent visitor of the market. There is no official affiliation with the market or any of the stalls. If you’re interested in setting up a stall on the market, please contact Islington Council. Unfortunately we won’t be able to help you, though we do accept free samples :)

Please get in touch by emailing contact@bitecross.co.uk if you are a:

Current Whitecross Street market stall owner, and would like to provide additional information/links to put up here, or if you’d prefer not to have your stall or pictures on here.

Market visitor, and have feedback on or ideas for this site.

Local business owner, and would like to advertise on this site.